App till Eurovision 2023
The app behind Eurovision since 2016

Behind the scenes of Eurovision

The product behind the ESC is called Shine Event and has indeed been used for many years in that context, but is also used in a much smaller context than Eurovision because our pricing model suits all sizes of organizations.

To explain how the app works in reality and what you can achieve with it, we briefly describe here how the Eurovision Song Contest has used the product since 2016.

Each year, approx. 40 delegations from Europe and Australia gather for the semi-finals and final in the ESC. A delegation can consist of up to 50 people and on top of that there are a number of thousands of people who work with production, stage, sound, lighting, logistics and everything else that has to work. So there are quite a few people in one and the same place who need to be organized both when it comes to what to do and when to do it. Therefore, the app has a powerful tool for building schedules and these can also be divided into different permissions so that each delegation gets its unique daily schedule that reaches down to the minute level.

Since the delegations often arrive in the host city up to a week before the competitions take place, there is also a daily schedule per date to be able to handle all the various rehearsals that are carried out before the competition.

Eurovision is a big event and at big events it happens all the time that schedules need to be changed and then it is very useful to have the module that can send push notifications to specific groups. In this way, users can be notified of changes in real time.

In addition to schedules, ESC uses digital maps to be able to show all delegations exactly where all press conferences, rehearsals and other events will be held.

The app also contains all the information about contact details, organization, hotels, logistics, etc. that the members of the various production teams or delegations might need during the two weeks that ESC is in progress.